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Professional experience in testing of Intrusion and hold-up systems

Our goal is to verify the quality of Intrusion and hold-up systems

Customers are satisfied with our services and apply the results of our tests in the Czech Republic and the EU

Products certification

Our company cooperates with the accredited certification body No. 3025 of the company TREZOR TEST s r.o., whose activity is the certification of alarm systems and mechanical restraint systems.

Product certification is a means of providing independent assurance to a third party that a product complies with specified standards and other normative documents. Certified products are fully capable of performing the required function as a useful and meaningful service. Without a quality certificate, the product is not full-fledged. Certification is the main weapon of economic competition and a basic condition for the commercial success of a product.

You can find more information at , where there is also an application for certification and a list of certified I & HAS products.