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Activity of the Testing Laboratory

The activity of the testing laboratory is focused on two areas

  • activity accredited by AZL No. 1172 - performance of laboratory technical tests on components and burglar alarm systems by test methods and procedures according to relevant European standards, see the list of tests whose use has been approved by ČIA, o.p.s. The output document is a test report, which contains a description of the test procedure, the measuring or testing equipment used and the test results, including the measured values. Each contracting authority will receive a test report.
  • non-accredited activity - evaluation of an burglar alarm device in terms of the suitability of its use in a building with a different degree of risk of attack and thus with a different degree of requirements and security. This activity is performed by a testing laboratory on the basis of a trade license. The basic criteria for the classification of equipment are the requirements, then the requirements contained in individual product standards, eg for access control systems ČSN EN 50133-1, power supplies ČSN EN 50131-6, video systems EZS ČSN EN 50136 and others. Newly, the technical specifications issued by CENELEC TC 79, such as CLC / TS 50131-3, CLC / TS 50131-2-6, CLC / TS 50131-2-2 and others, are also followed.

The actual process of evaluation of burglar alarm equipment consists in the assessment of their technical parameters, verified by technical tests. The parameters of individual devices are compared with the requirements of the relevant ČSN EN and CLC / TS with regard to the specified level of security. The output document is a Certificate, containing, among other things, the definition of the security level - risk category of objects according to the requirements specified in ČSN EN 50131-1. The list of classified burglar alarm devices is regularly published in the Catalog of Equipment for the Protection of Property and Persons, which is published semi-annually by the AMBO Association.